Bela krajina - Slovenian wine region: one of the most interesting wine producing region.

This southern most wine area of Slovenia produces excellent red wines from varieties such as Modra Frankinja, Zametovka, Portugalka, Sentlovrenka, Gamay, and Modri Pinot. Belokranjec (or White Carniolan) is a wine made from high-quality white grape varieties. The primary grape varieties from which the wine is made are Italian Riesling and Kraljevina (Grau Portugiser), which constitute at least half of the total quantity of grapes used. The remaining share consists of Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Sylvaner, Rhine Riesling, Chasselas Blanc and Yellow Muscat; no individual variety must exceed a share larger than 10%.

The most widely known wines of the area are blends, the most famous being Metliska Crnina. To the locals from Bela krajina the "Metliška črnina" wine represents what Cviček represents to the people from the Dolenjska region. Traditionally a blend of Modra Frankinja, Modra Portugalka Zametna Crnina, and Sentlovrenka - rich in extract and velvety. It is important for the wine to be served at the appropriate temperature – between 13 and 15°C. It is a dry wine, so it goes well with grilled dishes, mushroom dishes, game meat dishes and dried meat cold cuts. Judging from the awards won by wines from Bela Krajina, local producers have been quite successful with Beli Pinot, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Rumeni Muskat, and Renski Rizling - in fact, some connoisseurs prefer these white wines to their more prestigious equivalents from the Podravje region because of their more moderate acidity. Belokranjec as mentioned above, is the best known white blend. Late harvest Laski Rizling is also being archived, but most precious are the tiny, 0.375 liter (12.68 fl. oz.) bottles of 1985 Laski Rizling Ice Wine, regaled with numerous Grand Champion titles. The Pozne Trgatve, Jagodni Izbori, and Ledeno Vino wines of Bela Krajina are also excellent.

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